Double Oven Repair

Double Oven Repair

Double ovens are an excellent invention, especially for a big family, or a very hospitable one that loves lots of guests. Some of these modern appliances come in equal sizes, sometimes there is a larger and a smaller one, otherwise they may utilize gas or electricity, be built into your kitchen, or free-standing. There are different types, such as gravity convection, mechanical convection, forced convection, forced exhaust… In any case, as high-quality as your appliance may be, twice the oven may mean twice the problems, since, statistically speaking, there’s a greater chance of something going wrong with either one. What are the most troubling issues to watch out for?

  • Inside light not coming on
  • Stuck oven door
  • Poor oven door seal / door would not close
  • Oven unable to maintain proper temperature
  • Oven not heating up at all

If there is a smell of gas from your oven, call the emergency services immediately and follow their instructions!

In all other cases, we’ll be happy provide a consultation and assist you in restoring your oven to a functional state in the shortest period of time. Click here to request a quote or schedule an appointment with a professional technician from Galaxy Appliance Repair Service.

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