Water Heater Repair and Replacement

Water Heater Repair and Replacement

Water heater problems are quite easy to spot, and they a major cause of discomfort in the home. Nothing is more annoying than having to take a cold shower because your water heater won’t work. At Galaxy Appliance Repair Service, our priority is to ensure your water heater and other home appliances are in great working condition at all times. Regardless of what the issues are, our team of technicians are well-trained and competent enough to carry out long-lasting repairs. Some common water heater issues are:

  • Water heater won’t turn on

  • Doesn’t release hot water

  • Tank makes unusual and/or loud noise

  • Leakage from the tank

  • Water from faucets appears discolored

If you are currently experiencing any of these issues with your water heater, then you need our expert services. Our technicians take the time to access the situation and suggest the best solution to avoid a recurrence of the same problem in future.

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