Commercial ice-machine repair

Commercial ice-machine repair

A good and functional commercial ice machine is an important appliance in any restaurant. This is because customers usually like their drinks cold and on time. As a professional in the foodservice business you definitely know the key role your ice machine plays in your business and having it in good condition is an utmost priority. However, being a modern appliance, your ice machine might develop some minor or major issues sometimes and this will definitely affect your output during this period.

Galaxy Appliance Repair Service understands the need for a perfectly working ice machine to your company and this is why we are always hands-on and ready to take on any repairs you need. Some common technical issues commercial ice machines usually have are:

  • Leaking water

  • Low water pressure

  • Switch is defective

  • No/poor ice cube production

  • Clogged water filter

  • Thermostat not working

Our technicians know exactly how to fix the above-listed issues and more. We also ensure that all repairs are top-quality to avoid a recurrence. To get in touch with one of our technicians, please request a quote and we will send you a technician same day.

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